"MY Family MY Choice" began with two mothers concerned about the rights of parents when it comes to making choices on how to raise our children.  Policies and regulations continue to be introduced that encroach into the lives of our children and families.  

We met one another when Common Core was introduced and worked to pass legislation to stop it.  Now we are teaming up with other parents and citizens to maintain the authority of parents to raise children with minimal government interference.  

All parents have the right to determine the care, education and upbringing of children.  We believe our children deserve to attend schools that would teach the knowledge of math, reading and writing.  We have great concern over the growing number of surveys, assessments, and questionnaires within our schools.  We want to know who is collecting the social, emotional, and behavioral data on our children; where is that data stored; and who will have access to that information?

We oppose the top-down, one-size-fits-all government mandated policies that regulate our schools and daycares.  Now we are seeing new laws and ordinances which lead to visiting our homes and monitoring our parenting styles.

This website will address major legislation that affects your rights as a parent, and inform you of actions that need to be taken to STOP this intrusion into the family.