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Call and email legislators and/or visit their offices
Call the hotline -   1-800-562-6000

When you call state the bill number and
tell them how you want them to vote.
You can also email your concern on a bill through the legislative website.  Type in the bill number and click on "comment on this bill"
Click here to enter bill number

Hearing tips:
Show up an hour earlier to try to testify
Everyone should sign in electronically to show their opposition/support of bills
You can choose to testify or not
You can still testify even if you are in an "overflow" room
Your testimony should focus on the bills.  This is a hearing not open comment time.

Rally will be on the North steps of the Legislative Building


Click to find district

Don't know who your legislators are?
Find your two
and one Senator

Once you know the name of your legislator look for their office / tel / email.
They will be in one of
four buildings.

Leg - Legislative
JLOB - O'brien
JAC - Cherberg
INB - Newhouse

Click to find email/tel/room